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Internet eingerichtet!

Hallo an alle Besucher meiner Seite! Als erstes an alle eine Entschuldigung die Deutsch als Muttersprache haben. Da meine englischen Verwanten auch mitbekommen wollen was so passiert muss ich auf Englisch schreiben. Wenn ich Zeit habe übersetzte ich auch Passagen in Deutsch.

My first aim after arriving here was to establish basic living conditiones such as shelter, warter and food. You might think that was easy but it proofed to be a little tricky. When I was picked up at the airport I was imediately forced to talk Chinese because almost nobody here does. I tried to tell the taxidriver that i wanted to change money but he said no there are better rates in the city - I think... So I did not and he took me to Tianjin. After getting out in the city I found out it was sunday and after speaking to a few chinese people I thought they all wanted to tell me there was no way of changing any money. But the Chinese were very kind to me, let me check into my hotel without money, helped me with my registration at uni and so on. Still I did go to bed hungry that night.

Rough start. But now everything turned out for the better. I have plenty of financial power, my room ist starting to look more like someone lives here rather than just a hotelroom and I have plenty of food and drink! Even the internetconnection in my room was possible!

31.8.07 14:15


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