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Things are starting to look like life!

Hi everybody!

You can compare my start here to the beginnings of mankind. To give an example of my thesis I will now ask you to assume we are dropping a random caveman into any random stonage society. He first will try and find shelter, then a source of food and after securing these two basic needs he will start to think of things that make his life more worth living. For this he will set out on long walks exploring the terrain arround his home. This is my current status here in China. I am now well supplied and ready to get to know the lokals. First thing I found on my expeditions was a sportsfield inhabited exclusively by Chinese people. I did not dare to invade their territory. How would the "Masses" (quote Chairman Mao) react to me the single foreigner? I was a little afraid but curiousity got the better of me. After aquiring a football for 10 Euro (top quality, best there was) I went there again and this time breached the parimeter fence. First by running on the track, circling and observing, later I advanced onto the pitch using my moderate skills to show I was not a complete novice. Well, I was still on my own when I left again but I was able to check out the level of Chinese football and I really must say they are not bad. They just have the habbit of taking very long breaks. But when we (me and friends from university) came back the next day they were a lot more open and friendly. We even got to talk to them a little. MAYBE, I might be telling you about my first match against a Chinese side soon!


1.9.07 09:56

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