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Hello dear Family, relations and friends!                                         Finaly i can write to you again. It is very difficult due to the really slow connection I have here. It takes almost 15 min until I have accessed this website and my blog is near to not accessable. The buildup takes so much time and it often crashes. Moreover I have had about 20000 attempts of outside intrusion into my PC but ZoneAlarm kept me sort of safe (I did have 3 trojans and one worm that got in)! Great thanks to the softwareprogrammers of both the Firewall and AVG-Antivirus at this point. Well never mind, my DVD-drive is giving me trouble anyway and so while I try and sort out what is wrong I can wait untill this page has fully loaded. Chinese people say: "hen mafan!" Thank you for your e.mails and for the support involving my visa-card. I have good news for dad! Netx saturday I will be playing my first real football-match here in China. I willl be playing upfont with number nine and my shirt will have "Woodley" printed on the back! There are a lot of Chinese people on the team and a couple from other asian countries (Vietnam, Korea, Japan and a goalkeeper from Afrika). This results in me being the tallest player on the team and because of that and the simple fact that chinese people are obviously afraid to head any ball that has a sort of flatish path of flight I am being used to get on the end of high crosses. I will send pictures and the story of our great victory next week. ;-) On the more academic side of staying here I now have a language partner and a private tutor (both females, Huying and ... well I keep forgetting her chinese name). I am doing good here with my learning (I think). It is a lot of work, many new words and carackters every week but a am at it. Tomorrow I will have more time to write so for now I´ll go back to preparing my lesson for tomorrow.

Writing to you from 110 km south-east of the dragonthrone,



15.10.07 15:24

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